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Law nashville is a team of dedicated criminal and civil trial lawyers who want to see you win your case. We specialize in all areas of criminal defense for federal or state felonies. We have Tried and Won Hundreds of Cases right here in Nashville TN and Davidson County in Tennessee. We Have Defended Clients for many types of offenses including, Criminal Defense for White Collar Crimes, Drug Crimes, Drug Distribution, Drug Trafficking, Mortgage Fraud, Mail Fraud, Sex Crimes, Child Pornography, Wire Fraud, Bribery, Wire Fraud, Income Tax Fraud, Extortion, Drug Conspiracy, Money Laundering, Embezzlement, Racketeering, Medicare and Healthcare Fraud, Tenncare Fraud, Bank Fraud, Production of Child Pornography, Internet Sex offense, Internet Crimes, Violent Crimes, Restitution, Copyright Infringement, Crimes of Immigration and Deportation, Trademark Violations, Theft, Larceny, Securities Fraud, Insider Trading, Computer Hacking, Sexual Battery and Rape, Insurance Fraud, Identity Theft, Sexual Violence, Bankruptcy Fraud, Possession With Intent To Distribute And Simple Possession Cases, Sentencing for Crack Cocaine & Powder Cocaine, and many more.

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Law Nashville is a criminal defense law firm especially dedicated to defending clients charged with serious crimes, Drug Crimes, Money Crimes, Violent Crimes, Sex Crimes and Much More. Law Nashville Law Firm is a Nashville criminal defense law firm that represents criminal defense clients in federal and state courts in every part of Nashville and Middle Tennessee, Like Smyrna, Lavergne, Sumner County, Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Hendersonville, Lebanon, wilson County, Williamson County, and many more.

Our Criminal Lawyers have over 15 years of trial experience in criminal defense, we have represented people who were accused of, or charged with violent crimes, Kidnapping, First Degree Murder, Drug Crimes, Sex Crimes, and White Collar offenses that pose the threat of serious imprisonment or jail time, fines, and even the death penalty.

If you or someone you love has been arrested, is being investigated, or is accused of committing a crime, you need an attorney to represent you who has the experience and expertise in criminal law to handle the problem. Law Nashville has the top Board Certified criminal defense attorneys in the state of Tennessee, and we are ready to come to your defense. We represent individuals who are charged in Federal Court or State Court for Felony Crimes.